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Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Are the exams compulsory?
Exams are not compulsory

Why is there is an exam?
Exams just let the children and parents know they are hitting a standard required for their age and also gives something positive for the children to work and aim for and be rewarded with a certificate for their hard work

What happens if he/she doesn't take the exams?
If your child does not take the exam he/she will just be able to progress to the next level and take that exam if you wish.

Are these exams only valid in Cavat or it's a standard process across all UK schools?
The exams Cavat enter the children for are with the ISTD examination board (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) these are government recognized exams that can be taken across the country and even internationally. Once the students reach grade 5 and above they carry UCAS points for Universities too.

Are there marks/grades given during the exam?
Yes they are graded exams. The children will gain either a Distinction (80% & over), Merit (60-79%), Pass (40-59%) or not achieved (under 39%)
(I would not recommend your child for an exam if I thought they would get a "not achieved") They will also be issued a report card which will give them the exact percentage mark too and break down the marks to show parents where they lost marks or particularly gained marks in. For example; posture, timing, musicality, use of arms etc

If she doesn't pass the exam what are the consequences? 
There are 2 choices- the child can either re-take the exam or if they just had a bad day and nothing went right, I would let them progress to the next grade and just put it behind us.
This would a joint decision between child, parent and teacher.

Do the children go into the exam alone?
The children depending on the grade / age will enter in the exam in small groups between 2-5 students at a time.

Exams in my opinion are a positive experience for the children and recognise hard work & good attendance in lessons in a fun way while achieving government recognised standards.

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